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Quick Tips to Attract More Visitors to Your Site

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This is one of the most asked questions when we are discussing creating content online. To get readers for your content is also important. Without any visitors or readers or subscribers, a website cannot sustain. You have to apply your creativity to marketing. You have to make your content more informative and attractive to attract your visitors. More than that you have to concentrate on your niche to get the right audience to your site. Then only sales or subscription happens.

For that, you should re-edit your long paragraphs to short paragraphs, give enough white space, use main headings and sub-headings, add lists, bold some important, this will change the dimension of the visual appearance of your post. Format your posts for readability by following these simple techniques.

Create an Amazing website

Yes, the visual appearance has a big role, don’t go to create a site filled with tons of images, animations, and videos. Keep it simple and clean, check some websites for your inspiration. You may notice that readers low less cramped, easy to navigate type websites. Website loading time is also important, most of them will leave if your site couldn’t load within a few seconds. Studies say a two-second delay in load time can hurt bounce rates by up to 103 %!

Offer some of your best work for free

You don’t love, I know. You had spent much of time to create such a valuable thing. What I am saying is, take advantage of the spreadability of your content or post by giving away some highly valuable content to your readers, this will encourage (you can also encourage them by adding social sharing links) them to share it with their friends or with social contacts. You don’t want to give the entire thing free. Give the very first chapter of your book or an introduction to the thing that you are going to provide. A well designed narrative infographic or images. Relevant videos or images that can embed on user’s social post.

Optimizing Your Content for SEO

You have to do some search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your site visibility in search engines. Most of the users find our sites through search engines, if our site as at rank 1, surely we will get more visitors, without paying a single penny in any advertising program. Before publishing a post remember to,

  • Give an attractive title contain the keywords (it first appears and notices on a search engine result)
  • Create a meta description
  • Create a well-crafted excerpt
  • Check your content for keywords, if nothing found add keywords (don’t be overcrowd)
  • Add alt text for your images
  • Link from the new post to other parts of your website or to old relevant posts.

Post Your Content on Social Media

The social media content can spread like wildfire, so post your content on different social media websites. Your current followers and readers will definitely notice the content and they may also share your content with their friends and contacts.

Write posts that people will want to read

Please check to do the follow things, when you post something new.

Unique Original Posts

Unique posts tend to drive huge traffic to your website due to the piece of information you are sharing to them is not available on any other website!


When you write new content, headings are more important. When you start an outline for your new article, put a nice heading. Through the heading, the reader gets a general idea of what is about the content by just reading the headings. Check some headings by searching using some keywords in a search engine. You can give, 5 ways to, or 12 best, like that. So people will check what is that 5 best thing that you are telling!


Subheadings are also important like the main heading. You can capitalize and italics it to set them apart from the rest of the plain contents. Capitalizing and bolding subheadings provide a nice visual structure and allow readers to easily read the information they want. You can simply add good points to remember in this way. You can give short sub-points to consider with a short summary as well.


The heart and soul of an article are its content itself, The layout, design, and formatting certainly impacts the attention of visitors, but they give only enough attention to the contents only. Use, Bold, italics, underline and mark some important points to draw your readers eyes to word, phrase or sentences. Bolding a phrase makes the text appears to be larger than others.


You can use some markings or can use a bulleted list or numbered list to tell some points. List posts are often noticed by your readers. They are very easy to read and understand. Please add it as a small sentence. As I said, you can use a bulleted list or numbered list, bullets or numbers help guide the eyes of readers down the page.


A good article with pictures has an edge over one with none because pictures draw a reader`s eye. A picture at the beginning will motivate your reader to keep reading. A narrative picture explains what you are saying and it can break up monotonous blocks of pure text. If you are saying something technically, you can add screenshot and steps to do, so the users will get what they want to do and it avoids confusions.

 Short Paragraphs

Use short paragraphs, because it is are easy to read. Our eyes scan on a page and are moving fast across a page.No one wants to read the whole text. So know the main points that you want to tell and arrange them appropriately. Emphasize points, and break up points into different sections.


This is a less noticed point, empty space is a powerful tool for creating a nice web page. Provide sufficient space around your headings and sub-headings. This will remove the clutter.

Wrapping It Up

Here I discussed some methods to make your content more attractive to improve the visibility. You can do experiments with the contents to get better results. The readability depends on the visual structure of your website. So arrange the contents as well. Share your findings with us.

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