Softwares that boost your orkut experience.

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        Thank you internet.Internet is a source of useful stuff.Here I present some useful softwares that will boost your online orkut experience.This simple tools helps you to  send and receive instant scraps,Send a same scrap to all your friends,software floods scraps in your friends profile,Friend Adder software helps to add friends fast,ScrapFormatter software format your scraps easily!

 Are you excited then here is the list of orkut softwares with links.

 1. Scrapboy

Scrapboy  is the essential desktop utility to keep you connected to your social life on Facebook, MySpace and Orkut – Scrapboy helps you keep track of every one’s messages, pictures and passions.Download scrapboy from here.

 2. Orkut cute

Orkut Cute 9.4.27  warns you when you receive new scraps and monitors your communities. Orkut Cute came to be with the intent to ease the access to your Orkut account. With it you can easily access your account and quickly check your scraps. The program automatically logs in to Orkut creating an icon on the Windows system tray. All it takes to access your account is a double-click on that icon.It also allows for you to send scraps to all your friends at once.Download orkut cute.

3.Vijay’s Friend Adder

This software used to add friends fast in your orkut account.You can download it from Orkutrix.

4. TIO Scrap Formatter

This ScrapFormatter helps you to format your scraps easily! You can download it from here.

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