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Optimize Your site For Better Google Adsense

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If you are a webmaster and using Google’s Adsense program to monetize your site, here is a list of checklists released by Google to optimize your site for Adsense.  You can try your own trusted methods, but here is a list of the most popular methods adopted by most Adsense users to optimize their sites. You can check them and compare them with your current strategy.

Increase ad coverage

If you are using fewer Adsense units on your site, you can increase the coverage. Placing additional ad units improves your earning potential. But remember you can only put up to 3 standard AdSense for content ad units, three link units, and two AdSense for search boxes on each page of your site.  Placing more than the allowed limit will violate Google’s Adsense policy. But you can effectively arrange this number of ad units on your site. In the latest algorithm change, Google gives more importance to content. so you should consider the number of ads in relation to the quality of content on the site.

Use recommended ad sizes

Due to visibility and reader-friendly format, wider ad sizes tend to outperform their taller counterparts. If positioned well,  the 728X90 Leaderboard, the 336×280 Large Rectangle, the 300×250 Medium Rectangle, and the 160×600 Wide Skyscraper perform well. To put the ad units, you should consider the click tracking results. There are a good number of sites that offer click tracking options, so find the best place where your site gets most of the clicks and put a wider ad there to get maximum clicks.
Show both text and image ads

If you are using only image ads, then it is time to consider image ads also. Image ads compete in the same auction for your ad space that text ads do. If you decide to choose to display both text and image ads, it will increase the competition for ads to appear on your site and is good for your pocket.

Experiment with ad color combinations

This is an old method but still valid. Choosing the right color and style makes a unit easily get noticed by the users and you will get more clicks. You can do some techniques with the ad styles, you can blend ads with your site contents, or compliment and contrast.  Do some experiments with ad color and styles to find the best fit for your site.
Ensure optimal ad placement

This step is covered in the ‘recommended ad sizes’ section. Placement of ad units is extremely important as it plays a big role in revenue earning potential and user experience. We recommend using ads above the fold, which gives more visibility.  Most people only checked the above-the-fold contents. So, use a heat map for finding the best place to put your ad units.

Add a search box (or two)

This is the least noticed part of ad unit placement. Most people never use the search box feature on their site. The most site has a less feature-rich search mechanism, which may the main reason for to increase in the bounce rate of such sites. As per the Adsense rule, you can put up two AdSense search boxes (along with three standard AdSense for content ad units and three link units) on each page of your site.  We recommend you build a  Custom Search Engine on the site to provide users with a web search. This will improve the user experience and also provides a good income through search keyword-related advertisements.

Ensure your site has a positive user experience

User experience (UX) is highly important these days, as most people now look for these kinds of things to ensure they are visiting a trusted site.

Make your first ad unit count

This may be new knowledge to all of us. This is true. AdSense loads the highest-paying ad on a page first, so to improve your revenue make sure that your best-performing ad unit is the first in your HTML code.

Fix crawler errors

Check for crawler errors in your AdSense account. You should ensure that the  AdSense crawler can accurately crawl your site, which will ensure your ads are relevant to the content. You can go to the AdSense Account settings section of your account to see if you have crawler errors.

Go mobile and tablet (Responsive Theme or Site)

Mobile and tablet internet users growing rapidly. Make sure that your site contents are available to read on all platforms irrespective of the resolution and size of the displays. This is extremely important for the upcoming internet revolution.

Google described these steps in a two-part post (part 1, part 2).  You can also use the Google+ page to connect with your users. The interesting thing with Google+ is that it offers a number of tools to help you reach audiences in new ways. On your +page, you can share your articles, photos, and YouTube videos, and host live broadcasts. Your +page will also include a +1 button that users can click to recommend you. You can do experiments with your AdSense formats, and try to place them somewhere on your site where it gets the maximum attention. Finally, don’t forget to share your personal experience and experiments with our readers.

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