Sitemap Generator Tools for Webmasters

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Need a new sitemap. Google Webmaster Central has created a new sitemap generator and released it to the general public. New open-source Google Sitemap Generator finds new and modified URLs based on your webserver’s traffic, its log files, or the files found on the server. By combining these methods, Google Sitemap Generator can be very fast in finding these URLs and calculating relevant metadata, thereby making your Sitemap files as effective as possible.

Google’s New Sitemap ping Google blog search and creates the following sitemap files:

    1. XML Sitemaps for Web Search according to the standard

Google Sitemap Generator can send a ping to Google Blog Search for all of your new or modified URLs. You can optionally include the URLs of the Sitemap files in your robots.txt file as well as “ping” the other search engines that support the standard..The generator is a server plugin that can be installed on Linux/Apache and Microsoft IIS Windows-based servers. Read Google Sitemap Generator documentation.

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