Google marketing tools for bloggers .

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Google Analytics                       

Analyze your traffic, where it comes from, and what it does in your site. It is free up to three sites for an account. One of the best free products I have ever used as a blogger.

Google Alerts                          

Are you interested in “webhosting”? Set it as a keyword in Google Alerts, and let it notify you when another site or blog mentions it. It is a great way to keep track of your online activities as well as your online business interests and products. Set your name as a notification, and see who says what about you in Internet.

Google Trends                         

It lets you search popular trends, and hot products to promote. Also a breakdown for different regions is possible. Find the most popular blogging related trends, and post about them in your blog. A smart way of increasing your blog’s traffic.

Google Docs                         

It is full featured online writing editor with some great collaborating features and spellcheck. In addition it lets you publish your content directly to your blogs. You can also save your files in PDF format. You can write your own ebook with it, and spread it online.

Google Blogger                       

Google’s blogger is a simple free blogging platform. Blogger can be used to promote yourself and self-hosted blogs. It has some built in functions like Google Blog Search bar.

Google Groups                        

Every blogger knows the importance of having a large community with a similar interest. Social networking is one of the most important factors in your success on the Web. Google groups is a form of business and social networking that every blogger should be aware of.

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