Get more blog readers free-without paying a penny.

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              The success of every internet innovations largely depend on the visitors count.The more visitors you get the more revenue you can make.There are many ways to get traffic-from free to paid tricks.Here I show you—sshhh! some simple tricks to get more blog readers through which you can make more money.

 1)  comment on other people’s blogs

            Write a professional comment about  a post on other peoples blog.There is a provision through which you can add your site name or title in the comment.So definitely when a user visit the post they definitely read the comments and a possibility in clicking your links.Through which you may get lot of traffics.Be the first on to comment so your comment appear s on top of the list.So get more visitors.

2) Viral Marketing 

Are you feared by seeing viral! Yes,it is something related with virus,here you create some ebooks,pdf or something like cartoons and spread  it in internet.So you get  traffic by providing a link back to your site.Simple.So start to create something and start spread it through internet and wait for traffic.

3)Write articles

  Write some stunning articles about some popularly searched topics and publish it in article directories and site’s that accepting free articles.Don’t forget to add your links.Don’t make scams,because most sites published your article after reviewing.So write some good articles.

4)Submit your blog to blog lists

Submit your blog to technorati,blogtoplists,blogflux etc.You may get some good targeted visitors with respect to your rank.

5) Encourage/reply to comments

 This is a better idea to encourage your users to comment on your blog.If they need any assistance or need some help,assist them by providing useful information,and keep them as good commentators.You can use some good widgets like,top commentators,recent comments etc.

6) Post regularly 

Write about some topic regularly.If you couldn’t find any topic you can gave some information about new sites or services etc,thus you can keep your content fresh.People are looking for some informative content.If they cannot find it they will leave from your site.

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