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         One of the best method to find how many people visit your site is to use a tracking system.There are plenty of resources that will let you analyze all sorts of information about your visiting traffic.Some are remotely hosted,some are scripts so you need a server to host it.

 You can use StatCounter, a free service that offers tracking options with these features:

  •  Invisible or Visible Counter – your choice!
  • Custom Summary Stats based on all your visitors
  • Highly detailed Analysis of your last 100 pageloads
  • Manage multiple sites from one account
  • Email reports

Site Meter – this is a fast, free and easy set up meter. I don’t have personal experience with this one but you can view a sample stats page. I did notice that they tell you how long each visitor is on a page. This featured I have not seen in other tracking systems I have used.

MyBlogLog – this is a community based tracking system. You can join communities, add friends, and best of all see (with photos) who is visiting your blog. They don’t offer detailed tracking like Google or Site meter but it is still pretty decent. Their basic account is free or you can upgrade to their pro version with is $3 month or $25 a year.

Google Analytics – this tracking system tells you everything you want to know about your visitors. This script is also great for people using Adwords because you can view your overall keyword conversions. Google Analytics is a serious tracking system and is also a free.

You might want to research some of these other options,

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