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   The first step to create a blog is to select a platform.If you are a newcomer and not interested to create your own account-then you can use hosted blogging services like,

  1. Blog
  2. Blogger
  3. Live Journal
  4. Typepad
  5. WordPress

   You can also use any of the following blogging services,but you should have a hosting account.You need not need too much MB of space and dedicated server.The scripts requers only a few MB of space,some additional space is needed to install plugins,images(that you upload related to your blog),and other files(if needed-Vedio,audio,compressed-Zip files,executable files etc).So nearly few hundred MB is enough if you do not plan to upload image or movie files.Select your own requirement.Choose a reliable hosting provide.This is important because first I selected a lowcost hosting provider,uploaded my blog in to server and post some topics.After some time I got letter from the service provider that due to some technological problem, they abandoned the existing server and plan to use a newserver from the nextday onward.What to do.All my files lost and I did the whole workone more time.So select reliable webhost.

Ok, some blogging softwares are,

  1. b2evolution
  2. boastMachine
  3. Dotclear
  4. Eggblog
  5. LifeType
  6. Loudblog
  7. Nucleus CMS
  8. sBlog
  9. Serendipity
  10. SimplePHPBlog
  11. Simplog
  12. Textpattern
  13. WB News
  14. Wheatblog
  15. WordPress
  16. WikyBlog
  17. ZompLog

From this list I recommend WordPress blogging software.One of the main advantage is it is free,lot of free readymade template,plugins are available.Most of the bloggers use wordpress so will get support and enough information from anywhere in the world.

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